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We’re proud to say that TerraPLEGEL is one of Sweden’s best roofing products.

TerraPLEGEL combines the strength of galvanized steel roofing with the natural appearance of quartz sand, resulting in a product that is reminiscent of an elegant and traditional Scandinavian tile roof. In addition to anti-slip protection, quartz sand coating also gives an attractive finish and good light absorbency. TerraPLEGEL is available in two versions: 0.5 mm and Hi Load 0.9 mm.

TerraPLEGEL Hi Load 0.9 mm is one of the most durable sheetmetal roofing products on the market. The combination of thick steel sheet, two layers of polyester coating and a layer of quartz sand makes for a truly robust roof.

RED 418
GREY 035
RAL 7024
RAL 8019/9011
RED 740
RAL 8019
RAL 6020

Technical specification


Hot-dip galvanized steel Z275 (275 g zn/m²)

Surface coating

PVC-free polyester coating, sand-texture, three layers of coating, of which two coats are applied after forming.


0.5 mm / Hi Load 0.9 mm

Roof pitch


Batten spacing

TerraPlegel 0.5 mm

525 mm (can be safely walked on over the entire surface), 700 mm (safe to walk on profile valleys and over battens).

TerraPlegel Hi Load 0.9 mm

1,400 mm (can be safely walked on over the entire surface), 1,750 mm (safe to walk on profile valleys and over battens).


TerraPlegel 0.5 mm 5.46 kg/m²
TerraPlegel 0.9 mm 9.52 kg/m²

Effective tile length

350 mm


Single-S: Cover width 1010 mm
Double-S: Cover width 1000 mm

Standard lengths

1-Plegel: 450 mm TerraPlegel 0.5 mm
3-Plegel: 1,150 mm TerraPlegel 0.50.9 mm
4-Plegel: 1,500 mm TerraPlegel 0.50.9 mm
6-Plegel: 2,200 mm TerraPlegel 0.50.9 mm
9-Plegel: 3,250 mm TerraPlegel 0.50.9 mm

Other lengths available on request.



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