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Kami – first-class roofing systems

Kami offers lightweight, durable and easy-to-install sheetmetal roofing for small homes, multi-family dwellings and commercial buildings. Roofing that is ideal for both refurbishments and new construction.

We have focused on first-class sheetmetal roofing, based on tile-effect roofing in steel and aluminium, for customers who place high demands on lasting quality and appearance.

Kami is now a global company with many dealers in the Nordic region and distributors throughout the world. Company management, customer relations and production facilities are located in Kalix, in Norrbotten County.

Environmental impact in the short and long term

Ecology and economy can go hand in hand. If something is cost-efficient, for example, a product that is durable, it also makes good sense environmentally. That can be said for our permanent roofing solutions; roofing that does not require frequent repairs and is made according to the following principles:

Safety and durability are also key factors when we choose our materials. Our main materials, steel and aluminium, can be recycled indefinitely. We have ceased to use PVC-coated steel because of its negative impact on the environment. Compared to similar roofing materials, transporting sheetmetal is very environmentally efficient. Low weight and easy handling reduce the energy demand during transport and at the worksite. This means that sheet can be shipped long distances efficiently, in terms of both cost and the environment.

Quality above all

We never compromise when it comes to our products and service. We only use steel of the highest quality. And we believe you’re entitled to high quality and material that lasts. Therefore, we also venture to give you more than just standard guaranties: our TerraPlegel and PlusPlegel roofing carries a 30-year warranty.

Since 1996, Kami’s quality management system has complied with the SS-EN ISO 9001:2000 requirements for manufacturing and sale of sheetmetal tile-effect profiles, including fixtures and accessories.

Always on time

With Kami, you can always rely on fast, assured and correct deliveries with safe packaging. Regardless of the mode of delivery, we always do our best to deliver exactly the Kami product that you have chosen; with the right performance, the right quantity, and at the right time and place.

Whether we deliver to a dealer or directly to the building site, you’ll be able to lay your roof according to schedule.

The Kami Award

Each year, the Kami Research Foundation awards a prize of one million kronor. The Kami Award acknowledges scientific researchers who have laid the foundations for commercially successful technological development in the Swedish steel and metals industry.

For more information about the Kami Award, see www.kamiresearch.com

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